Best practice on how to keep your dog tubs and house for save hygiene


Different types of tubs and dog houses are available on the market today which fit into your desired needs, whether you are at home or camping, or traveling. Considering a few of these are important to choose the right type of dog house or tub for your pet based on their individual needs and preference.


Tubs are large open containers that you fill with water and use to bathe your dogs in a tight or open space, at home, or during camping. while the dog house is a shelter made in different forms for their comfortable stay.




Sizes: Always ensure the dog house or tub you choose is the appropriate size for your pet/dog. Your cheerful companion should be able to comfortably lie down in the tub/house, turn around, and stand up properly.

There are all sorts of dog tubs in the market. Small dogs have their own well made-design, And others are made for big dogs. Some tubs come with built-in ramps so that it will be easier for your pet to get in and out of the tubs/house.



Portable Dog Tubs: These are bathtubs not just for those who have narrow or small bathroom space, Portable bathtubs are great for the majority of people who love to enjoy outdoor activities with their dogs. Most of the tubs come with a convertible or a collapsible design and a beautiful arrangement suitable for your needs, the tub is an extremely convenient item for camping. It doesn’t take much of your trunk space, as it is also lightweight and easy for you to take it to places you want it to be.




 Standard Dog Tubs: This particular type of tub is the most general type of dog tub used by people for their dogs. It comes in a variety of sizes to lodge different species of dogs. The majority of the standard dog tubs have a drain plug underneath, So it is easy to drain out the water after bathing your dog/pet.


Walk-In Dog Tubs: These tubs are designed for bigger or larger dogs. They have a ramp that leads to the tub, which makes it easier for your dog to get in and out. Most walk-in dog tubs also have a drain plug underneath them.



The dog house is standalone accommodation made for the comfort, security, and relaxation of your pet friend which comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. There are different categories of dog houses which come in form of metal, plastic, and wooden houses or cage.

Getting a dog house is a must for every pet/dog owner who wants their pet to have a private abode.



There are several things to put into consideration when choosing the right type of dog house which would be suitable for your dog/pet, dog houses come in different forms and sizes, However, some come in plastic form, metal form, glass/transparent form, and wooden form.

Always remember that the size of your pet is also put into factor before making a purchase of your dog abode, as a big dog would not be sizeable or comfortable with a smaller dog house and a small growing dog won’t be okay with a big dog house.


A metal form dog house: this type of dog house is made out of metal sheets, rubber insulation, and stainless steel pipes which are very airy and easily transported, it comes as crates, cages, or crates in different types and sizes for your dog breed. Some come with floor and roof covered with rubber or plastic, and the door handle is also covered or insulated with plastic for safe handling while opening and closing the dog house.


A plastic-form dog house: A plastic-form dog house guides your pet from bad weather conditions and is made up of a durable substance. People living in an environment with extreme winter should look for a plastic dog house that can hold up in heavy snowfall. it comes in different kinds built to remove the snow or rain away from the dog house, Making it more durable and safe for your dog’s health. Some are built to be kept inside the house. Before getting one, make sure your dog’s size and space for it to stay are put into consideration. the plastic dog house is easier to mount or dismantle when traveling with it, as it is mobile-friendly.


A wooden form dog house: this kind of pet house is manufactured of wood, which is mostly hand-made through wood carving in a do-it-yourself form or through a professional wood maker or a carpenter, it also provides good insulation and warmth in the winter and gets cool in the summer time. Wooden-form dog houses are more budget-friendly, especially if you are a do-it-yourself type of person.




The dog house has great importance in your dog’s life, it has some importance that cannot be underestimated, it provides comfort, privacy, and protection from different weather conditions, when you buy or build a house for your dog it is extremely important to ensure good hygiene is applied to your dog’s health.

Disinfecting the dog house

The dog house can be infected by bacteria which will cause a negative impact on your dog’s overall health, It should be disinfected regularly to prevent fleas, tick, and other skin diseases which can cause more harm to your dog/pet. Before cleaning, some disinfectant should be mixed with water including detergent and bleach, let most of the areas around the dog house be soaked or sprinkled with this mixture to soften the dry dirty part of the dog house.


Regular inspection of the dog house for leakages is important to ensure water is not damaging the material used in making the dog house, if any leakage is observed you can use a waterproof coating to cover the leakages which can cause wear and tear to the dog house.

Using a vacuum cleaner is important, to remove dirt, dust, and dog hair from their house, always concentrate the cleaning on the spot where they usually stay often, when getting a vacuum cleaner to ensure it is recommended for pet cleaning and has the label on it. Also, use rugs on their floor which is not difficult when cleaning.


Cleaning the dog accessories like their clothes, food plates, toy bones, blanket, and leaches is essential for safe hygiene, after water make sure it is allowed to air dry thoroughly before using them.


You can also use an air purifier to get rid of bad air from the home if the dog has an odor, opening the windows will also let in air to the dog house, set it up where the dog stays frequently, Get purifiers with ammonasorb which helps to absorb bad smell from their urine.


Always make sure their food and water are changed often. Most times the dogs don’t allow their food and water in their bowl as they eat or drink. Sometimes dogs will play or drag the bowls, littering the whole place with food. Keep their food and water bowls filled, it is good to use a dog mat under their bowls.

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