PET ADOPTION, @dogcare is a non-profit organization, whose sole responsibility is to bring the bond between lovely animals and humans together through the adoption process, every day we get emails about some pet owners who want to sell their pets because of financial reasons poor upkeep, or animal abuse in the neighborhood which makes us swing into action through legal means to rescue these pets.


Most times, we get emails from pet owners when their dogs give birth to numerous puppies ranging from French bulldogs, chihuahuas, bulldogs, Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes, rottweilers, German shepherds, Goldendoodles, and American bullies, etc.


You can send us an email at to get you the exact breed you desire, we have a wide network of pet owners and other affiliated organizations who are always willing to provide even an exotic or hybrid young pet for adoption, but only for our premium members who are willing to apply for a classified pet enrolment identification (c.p.e.i).


Matching the right people with the right animal is what we do. If the animal you’ve matched with is located at the shelter or facility, we will conduct an interview and immediately follow your adoption conversation. If the animal you’ve matched with is located in one of our foster homes, we will conduct the meet-and-greet virtually.


If everything goes well at the meet-and-greet, and both you and the adoption counselor feel that the animal is a good match for your home, you can finalize the adoption when the animal is available. This will include instructions concerning adoption fees, pick-up times, and continuing care for your new animal companion.

Payment will be done with one of our Pet Support Agents. We accept payments in all forms – debit, credit, or cash.


Adult Dogs (local) $300
Adult Dogs (transfer) $450
Puppies (local and transfer) $500
Cats $120
Kittens $150

Some of the dogs in our care have been transferred in from other organizations and rescue partners. These animals may have a higher adoption fee to help offset the cost of transferring them to us.


Basic Requirements

  1. At least one piece of ID provided at the time of adoption must be a non-expired government-issued ID containing proof of address (e.g. driver’s license, government-issued mail within 4 to 6 months 2. All individuals who will reside with—or be in frequent contact with—the adopted animal should be present at the adoption counseling session.
  2. If you are adopting a dog and currently have a dog in your home, we will coordinate a dog-dog meet and greet. This process ensures your new pet will adapt successfully to your home.

It is for this reason that the process has several steps. It begins with you sending us an email about a species or animal you need on our website. Then you get set up with an Adoption Counsellor and we get to know a little more about you and what you’re looking for. Once we are at a stage to meet some pets there will be a Meet and Greet, where you’ll get to meet the animal and learn everything there is to know about them. Finally, the Adoption is finalized and your shared journey begins.


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