My dog ate snake-away, Is snake away harmful to dogs?

Is snake-away harmful to dogs?

My dog ate snake-away

My Dog Ate Snake Away- Is Snake Away Harmful to dogs?
My Dog Ate Snake-away, Is Snake Away Harmful To Dogs? Oh! Did your dog or pet ingest it? Only had some irritation? because the toxic chemical substance in this product is made to drive the snake away. Read on.



According to the name snake-away, you can understand how it describes itself. This is a granular chemical substance that is applied in the premises of any living home where humans and animals live to drive away snakes.

My dog ate snake Away

Is snake-away harmful to dogs.? That’s a big yes only if ingested because the chemical substance in this product is made with the intent of discomfort to the poisonous or non-poisonous snake, to stay away from your premises, and to keep you and your dog safe.

My dog ate snake-away. Is it poisonous?


My dog ate snake-away!..bear in mind that snake-away is a strong repellent for snakes, made with some chemical substances that are not approved as part of your dog’s nutritional needs, they contain toxic scents and ingredients that drive snake-away, where the environment will no longer be pleasing to them.

Yes!! Snake-away is a poisonous repellent that should be kept away from your dog, It contains sulfur, naphthalene, and some other chemicals. Teach your dog to avoid eating or ingesting the granular substance. Dogs are not like humans, so apply extreme measures while taking care of your furry friends.

My dog ate snake-away—the psychology behind it.


I observed I didn’t feed her in time before applying this granular substance in our premises, because of her worm treatment which doesn’t need feeding immediately.

Because of the way we pamper them like our young kids, they seem to not endure any suffering or hunger as they are always hesitant to bite or taste any new thing around them.

So if dogs ingest any significant amount of snake-away or similar products, it could lead to serious health issues.

My dog ate Snake-Away or a similar product and the risk involved.


Allergic effect: Dogs will react to certain substances or are allergic to varieties of chemicals when ingested or perceived, which could cause itching, swelling, and skin irritation.

Toxic level: some of the substances can be toxic to your dogs. For example, naphthalene is the main product used when manufacturers produce it. This compound is very toxic to your dog’s health especially when large amounts are ingested.

Gastrointestinal reaction: This could occur when your furry friend ingests snake-away repellent which could trigger vomiting, stomach upset, and diarrhea.

Respiratory discomfort: These products have some strong scent that can irritate our furry respiratory organs when inhaled or ingested.

My dog ate Snake-Away. What should I do now?


veterinary doctor: If you observe that your dog has eaten or ingested this repellent or similar products, please do not hesitate to contact your veterinary doctor immediately for further health advice.


Prevent future ingestion: Take caution and keep snake-away or any similar products out of your dog’s reach and don’t allow them to roam freely while feeding them or applying the chemical in your surroundings.


Take the product package with you: Before leaving home to meet your veterinary doctor, make sure you have the product label or packet of the product to help the doctor understand the ingredients and the risks he/she is dealing with.


Observe your dog: Monitor your dog’s behavior occasionally, as you watch out for any signs of vomiting, weakness, loss of appetite, and discomfort.


Induced vomiting: please do not try any method that encourages the use of drugs or other means to force your dog to vomit as it could cause more harm than good in this situation.

My dog ate a snake-away, can a DIY home aid minimize the danger?


My dog ate snake-away is a question people expect a positive reply of what new to do, Now we will only try to monitor our dogs for changes and reactions instead of waiting or assuming any negative outcomes.


You can feed your dog clean boiled meat and rice for some days, and make sure they take water.


Allow your dog to move freely or increase the length of the leash and monitor for any symptoms.


If your dog doesn’t feel discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite, that means she is just fine.


Is snake-away harmful to dogs?


Is snake-away harmful to dogs? yes… Snake-away will not pose any direct risk to our four-legged friend or wildlife if not ingested, although it is a chemical substance made with the combination of sulfur and naphthalene the target is to repel snake-away from your home.


Natural repellent and preventive methods alternative to snake-away.


Cinnamon oil: cinnamon oil has a strong scent which is similar to cider oil, the smell causes irritation and discomfort to snakes as it avoid it. You apply it around your home by mixing it with water and sprinkling it.


Cider oil: This is also a natural snake repellent that has a scent that drives the nake away, it is an essential oil derived from pine trees that has several uses for mankind.


Vinegar spray: After stirring a mixture of white vinegar and some water, this can be sprayed around the home to drive away snakes from your property. Snakes are uncomfortable with the strong smell.


Ammonia mixture: A combination of ammonia and water can create an unpleasant odor, which thereby repels snakes from your home.


My dog ate snake-away, I will not use this chemical again!!

Then you need to do this:

Hire the service of a snake handler: search for a professional snake handler around your area to remove snakes from your property, if you notice your dog is barking and trying to fight it. Keep your dog away.


Wildlife removal services: seek the consent of wildlife professionals, so they can access your home and provide ideas that can deter snakes.


Snake fencing: snake fencing is also effective in keeping snakes away from your property.


Mesh netting: You can also place mesh netting around little gaps around the door, which are potential entry points for snakes.


Clear debris: This can also help to keep snakes away since most of them can hide inside tall grasses, piles of leaves, and clutter. Keep your home clean to eliminate any hiding spot for snakes which can be a threat to you and your dogs.


Trimming plants: trimming plants, shrubs or overgrown ornamental plants can be an effective method of reducing hiding places for snakes at home.


Reduce moisture: stopping leakages and damp areas is also a preventative measure to avoid snakes, as they tend to dwell in a damp area of your property.


Mow the lawn: keeping the grass in your property low and maintained is a good measure to prevent snakes from your home.


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