First-time Visiting Artist Brendan Fernandes will work in the Museum of Glass Hot Shop from August 31 through September 4. The Canadian artist draws upon his Kenyan and Indian heritage, using his art to examine the nature of identity. In his newest body of work, Fernandes is returning to his training in dance and his interest in movement and choreography.

Learn about the Visiting Artist before he begins his residency this week!

Brendan Fernandes working; Photo courtesy of the artist.
Brendan Fernandes working; Photo courtesy of the artist.

I became interested in dance and movement when…

I was a young boy; there was always dancing and singing as part of every family party. It was second nature to me!    

During my Museum of Glass residency, I hope to…

Use glass in a way that mimics and represents the body in motion.

I chose to explore cultural identity in my work because…

This is my story. I come from a hybrid background and have lived in different places. These experiences make-up who I am; I am exploring my personal trajectory and telling my narrative. It is part of my own self discovery and one that I want to share with others in the hopes that they can find similarities with the questions I am working through.     

If I had to work with only one color, it would be…

Ohhhhh, Hmmmm I would say clear. The optical qualities of light filtering through it always amazing me.  So no color!

Being an artist has taught me…

To me humble and self reflective.

Plan a visit to Museum of Glass to see Visiting Artist Brendan Fernandes working in the Hot Shop from August 31 through September 4, or watch his residency online.

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