1. Their favorite beer is Rainier.
  2. They go fly fishing—for salmon and trout. Team member Sarah Gilbert caught her first steelhead on a dry fly (something most people only dream about).
  3. They love 1980s soft rock favorites—especially Gabe Feenan, who often sings along.
  4. They go camping together once a year (this involves a lot of Rainier beer).
  5. They are major foodies.
  6. They bring sushi to staff potlucks (from fish they caught themselves—naturally).
  7. They always dress up for Halloween. This year they wore their best formalwear to work in the Hot Shop; last year they were convicts.
  8. They are handy, and own old houses in Tacoma that they like to renovate.
  9. They make their own light fixtures!
  10. One member can eat 22 tacos in one sitting. We can’t tell you what their favorite taco truck is—that’s proprietary information.
The Museum of Glass Hot Shop Team on Halloween.
The Museum of Glass Hot Shop Team on Halloween.

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